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New Simple Solution packaging
New Packaging for Simple Solution

At Interzoo 2018, The Bramton Company unveiled the new and exciting packaging of their Simple Solution brand. As the most experienced pet stain and odour cleaning company, Bramton showcaseed how Simple Solution products create a clean, beautiful home and help pet retailers improve pet-keeping experiences for their customers. The refreshed packaging not only looks great […]

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WoolSafe and CleanSeal approved
Did you know
Worried about cleaning products leaving a mark on your carpet or upholstery?

Simple Solution stain and odour removers are certified both safe and effective and are used by house-proud pet parents around the world Our products have been independently tested for use on wool and meet the highest standards for performance and safety. They don’t contain bleaching agents or optical brighteners, they are non-flammable and non-hazardous, and […]

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Tips & Tricks
Why is it So Hard to Get Rid of Pet Odours?

Why is it so hard to get rid of pet odours? The real reason odour continues to linger is because pet messes such as urine seep deep into the carpet pad and below the surface of the carpet. In order to clean the stain appropriately, the best products to use contain enzymes or bacteria. The […]

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