Out Petcare Moisture Lock Training Pads – 100 Pad Pack

  • MOISTURE LOCK – Quilted Dog Training Pads are 56cm x 56cm and use Moisture LockTechnology to trap dog urine, absorb wetness quickly, neutralize odours, and prevent leaks making dog and puppy house training easier
  • Discover house training success with effective, easy to use Moisture Lock Training Pads.
  • Our Moisture Lock Technology’s super absorbent polymers make pads 50% more absorbent
  • Five-layer construction designed for added absorption and extended use
  • Rapid-drying top sheet quickly transfers moisture to the absorbent core, reducing unsanitary tracking.
  • Powerful attractant draws your pet directly to the pad
  • Odour neutralisers help keep your home smelling fresh
  • Perfect for busy pet parents who have to leave their pets alone, for protecting your car seats when traveling, and for dogs with incontinence.
  • These fit standard training pad and dog pad holders, the prefect companion to keep your dog’s training pad in place
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