Vets Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Female Diapers

Size: L-XL

This product has been specially designed for female dogs and can be loosened or tightened easily at the waist. The legs are also adjustable for superior protection against leaks. The disposable diapers allow a comfortable fit for your dog that still allows ability for motion and movement. No Leak Protection.

Never leave a wet diaper on your dog again with the wetness indicator that allows you to see with a visual change in color if your dog has eliminated into the diaper indicating it is time for a new one.

Elastic material allows for a secure fit to ensure no leaking. Plus, the strong absorbent materials of construction allow for maximum urine absorption on the diaper.

Easy 3 Steps to Secure the Diaper:

  • Step 1: Slip the hole of the diaper on your pet’s tail.
  • Step 2: Wrap the diaper around each leg
  • Step 3: Pull the adjustable tabs around the belly and secure
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